Author: Sebastian B.

  • Steps to an artistic somewhere

    Steps to an artistic somewhere

    Photography has two very important and pretty well defined sides, one technical and one artistic. Almost any normal person on this planet can learn how to use a camera and how to technically take really good photos. Camera has buttons and dials and lenses that do very clear and logical things, all specified in the […]

  • Where the “10 tips” stop and the art begins

    Where the “10 tips” stop and the art begins

    I often read news about “self-taught” photographers showing their amazing work and how cool is that. I never really understood why is such a big fuss about being self-taught, but I am starting to get it. I have learn most of the photography I know from Internet – from blogs, tutorials, forums and others. Took me 2 years to […]

  • Thoughts about photo contests

    Thoughts about photo contests

    First of all, there are many type of photographic contests out there, which are, of course, targeted to different types of people. I usually do not participate due to the fact that I do not “particularly” plan to have a career in photography. Actually, even if I would plan to go full pro, I would still […]

  • Looking Back …over the shoulder, 2014

    Looking Back …over the shoulder, 2014

    This is just a notice of a new project that we have posted on Exposure. It pretty much boils down what we did in 2014. It is good for remembering later, when will be, hopefully, old farts. I also hope that will still be a thing. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE FOR A RETROSPECTIVE How […]

  • New spring, new website

    New spring, new website

    After struggling with WordPress for some time, trying to keep it up and running and fast in the same time, I realized that my website is completely inaccessible from a mobile device. And that is basically suicidal if you really want to use a website for anything. But, I had a lot of stuff on the […]

  • Book – A Lesser Photographer

    Book – A Lesser Photographer

    Humans don’t just want stories. Humans NEED stories. My favorite photographer, by far, is David Duchemin.  He is a humanitarian photographer and I got to know about him after I have found his books website 3 years ago, Craft&Vision, from where I bought almost the entire collection. The reason I like him is because he […]

  • – A touch of Sweden part 1 – A touch of Sweden part 1

    This is our third project, and the biggest. As a result it will come progressively,  in more than one part. Since we plan to be in Sweden for a while it makes sense to continue later. “What is home? I guess it’s the expats bane to always think about the concept of home. For some, […]

  • Skövde – The Second Encounter

    Skövde – The Second Encounter

    We live here now, in a Swedish town named Skövde. Why, might you wonder? We have been in this game development industry for a while and there is absolutely no country in the world has been so active and so original in developing video games like Sweden. Three years ago we have learned that in […]

  • – The story of our holiday in La Palma – The story of our holiday in La Palma

    2 years ago we had our first real holiday and apparently we have managed to choose the place very well. It felt so… us. La Palma proved itself to be such an exquisite place, a continuous playground for my camera. I have never regretted the decision of transporting an entire bag of photographic gear with […]

  • My first film!

    My first film!

    At a certain point in my existence I read that you are not a photographer enough until you have used a film camera. Of course, I do not really took it seriously but the whole idea did raise my curiosity quite a bit. I did shot on film once, but I was really young, 12 years […]

  • I lived there once…

    I lived there once…

    One of the eternal questions that traveler must oftenly answer is “When will you go back home?”. What little is known about pathologic travelers apparently is that most of them don’t really have a home. Not in the way people are referring to as “Home”. Travelers have a “base of operations” meaning an area they particularly like or enjoy, where they feel […]

  • EXPOSURE – Add stories to your images

    EXPOSURE – Add stories to your images

    You know, for the last 2-3 years, since I have started using a camera in proper way, I always had this problem with posting my work here and there. There are basically around 1000 services offering pretty much the same thing – display a photo, or more, to people in general, and hope your “story” […]

  • August Rain – Another bus study

    August Rain – Another bus study

    Since every day I go back and forth 50 km by bus, I have around 45 minutes per trip to do whatever. Usually I read. But sometimes I take the camera out, when the world around the bus looks inspiring. I have made many photos from the bus… I think I will gather them in […]

  • The burning desire to create art

    The burning desire to create art

    I never saw myself as an artist in any way. Actually I always saw myself as the most ordinary guy you can find around – average at everything, never able to take that leap forward into becoming an “expert”. Occasionally I was feeling either too good about myself, either really, really bad and depressed. I’d […]

  • Botaniska – plants everywhere

    Botaniska – plants everywhere

    Lately, for some reason, I have started to develop a strange interest in plants. It is not only a photographic one, but a genuine scientific type of interest. You could say “How cuuuute!!” but it isn’t. It is wrong. I have already plenty of passions and I don’t get enough sleep because of all the […]