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  • Simmons Custom Guitars – the real deal

    Simmons Custom Guitars – the real deal

    Despite being a bit obvious that Laura never actually played a guitar ;), my portfolio apparently did not sent my clients away. It did quite the opposite. Thus, yesterday, after a day with two dental extractions, a full day of job-work trying to release a mobile game and after an evening that was announcing itself to be […]

  • Guitars with People

    Guitars with People

    Some of you probably know the story about me finding a Takamine guitar in a garage… Well here it is, together with Laura. I have found Laura at a party exactly 15 years ago (12 June 1999). She had a very nice voice which she used for saying really smart things. Lucky day… The reason […]

  • Walking in a summer afternoon

    Walking in a summer afternoon

    We have this habit of power walking as often as possible, preferably each afternoon, for around 9-10 km. Giving the quality of the experience, it is always great to do it. In 2 out of 3 cases I carry a camera. I actually bought the Fujifilm X20 especially for these walks (and for going to […]

  • What is a Swedish Summer?!

    What is a Swedish Summer?!

    I have referred a lot the Swedish Summer concept here and there. It took us almost 3 years to understand what it is in fact and why it gets us so illogically excited. Simple said, it is one of the best thing around here because it doesn’t happen very often. It can take any period of […]

  • A day on a pilgrim’s path

    A day on a pilgrim’s path

    There are many pilgrim’s paths out there and probably most of you heard about the great Camino Frances, in Spain, which was the subject for “The Way” movie. Camino Frances has aprox. 800 km of walking from France, over the French Pyrenees, through the north of Spain and finishing in the city of Santiago de Compostela. […]

  • Ben-Joe & the Shipwreckers Night

    Ben-Joe & the Shipwreckers Night

    Yesterday we got lucky. A quick sudden invitation from our friends in Skövde and we found ourselves at Mike’s Pub where, surprise, there was a Ben-Joe & the Shipwreckers Night! We have tried to see these guys like three times before and we never managed due to all kind of factors. But finally, yesterday, we have been […]

  • NIKKOR AF-S 70-200mm f/4G ED VR – Go get them, now!

    NIKKOR AF-S 70-200mm f/4G ED VR – Go get them, now!

    I think I have ordered and cancelled these lenses like 5 times. They are not particularly cheap and I was not sure that I need them. I still have the Tamron 70-300 and I thought that is good enough. Well, I was wrong. Professional glass is expensive for a reason. I won’t be going to much […]

  • I went out again…

    I went out again…

    This time I was prepared, meaning that I had my fishing pole with me as well, thus I was more inclined to wait thorough the day for those perfect moments. And I think I got a few… moments I mean. I caught no fish, although I saw a few monsters breaking the crystal surface of […]

  • I went out…

    I went out…

    I was a little lazy lately with the whole going out and taking photos just for fun activity. I really need to start getting out more often. Since I am planning to do this amazing hiking trail in northern Sweden called Kings’ Trail, I must be ready to take some proper photos. As a result, I […]

  • A truly spectacular “Valborg” (Walpurgis Night)

    A truly spectacular “Valborg” (Walpurgis Night)

    I found out recently about the Swedish Valborg, or how is commonly known Walpurgis Night. I remember last year asking myself why are the people outside on last day of April, burning stuff. I’ve thought that has something to do with St. George celebration on 25th of April, which is present in our Romanian customs and when […]

  • Gone, gone fishing…

    Gone, gone fishing…

    I love fishing. It is an activity that heals. Fresh air, the sound of water, the birds, the insects the, smells, they all just make me forget about everything. The act of actually catching a fish… It is not that important. And that is why sometimes I lose myself completely in the process of not fishing, […]

  • Stockholm – A trip in April

    Stockholm – A trip in April

    At the beginning of this month we went into a city-scape in Stockholm. It was a refreshing trip that convinced us that even if Stockholm is probably the most beautiful and clean city in Europe, we still prefer the countryside.

  • Hornborgasjön, 2014 edition, take 1

    Hornborgasjön, 2014 edition, take 1

    Every year we visit this place because of the shearing amount of cranes and other birds that gather here, coming form the south, before they fly to their nesting grounds all over Scandinavia. Every year I have longer lenses, except for this year when I got the same since last year. But last year there […]

  • My first “magazine” asignment

    My first “magazine” asignment

    So, I got recently my first advertisement magazine assignment. I had to photograph all the company and all the company cars… It was the first time for my “night-job” as a photographer when I had to work an entire day. I was not ready to shoot in such a rhythm and for so much time. Anyway, […]

  • A home studio portrait session

    A home studio portrait session

    Some time ago, I mean around a year or so, I went crazy about the idea of having a home studio. On paper it sounds pretty awesome, but in reality it was not that pretty. I went out and bought the cheapest best home studio lightning kit you can find, an D-Lite RX ONE Softbox Set. […]