Exposure.co – A touch of Sweden part 1

This is our third project, and the biggest. As a result it will come progressively,  in more than one part. Since we plan to be in Sweden for a while it makes sense to continue later.

What is home?

I guess it’s the expats bane to always think about the concept of home. For some, it’s the place where you were born; for others, it can be the ideal city, bustling with life, opportunities and comfort at every step. Many desire the warmth of the summer all year long, the song of the sea nearby, and long stretches of golden sand. But for us, after a considerable deal of travelling and living far away from our place of birth, we learned that home is a feeling of peace and awe in front of the beauty of nature, one we most experienced here, in the heart of Sweden.”
A Touch of Sweden (1) by Laura & Sebastian Bularca on Exposure