Chapter I

Sweden… The land of our dreams, our ideals and our second part of our life. We have found here so much more than what we were expecting. We also found so much less than what we were fearing about. I found my passion here. I have found a place where I can think, create and exist in a way that fits me.

– Love, Stability, Safety, Nature, Tranquility, Order, Community – This is what I wanted to transmit with my photos about Sweden. Of course, it hasn’t been hard at all.

This first chapter is about what we have found in our first year and a half or so of living in Sweden, in different areas, from landscapes to touristic attractions and daily life. The next chapters will be about how we have perceived Sweden starting with 2013. As we find new “chapters” in the future, I will update the Sweden adventure with more things.

[These are my first photos after becoming interested about photography. While they are not representative for my late work, they are representative for my passion for this amazing craft]



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