Skövde – The Second Encounter

We live here now, in a Swedish town named Skövde. Why, might you wonder?

We have been in this game development industry for a while and there is absolutely no country in the world has been so active and so original in developing video games like Sweden. Three years ago we have learned that in the centre of all this is not Minecraft, it is Skövde, Gothia Science Park and its Games Incubator. All this stuff is backed up by the Swedish state and compressed in under one banner, still in the works – Sweden Game Arena. This place does more to the global world of video games than it actually realises and that acts like a magnet to free minds like ours. It is a place where game developers feel at home, no matter the origins. It is the absolute future.

So, that is why we are here, but not only and that is why I call this post The Second Encounter? Well, I am also a bit of a photographer thus I have the luxury of being able to show two different faces for this place. One is about the video games, the second is about its visual beauty.

I will start simple, with a few days of winter. Not so many since, well, this December was more like a Swedish summer…