Looking Back …over the shoulder, 2014

This is just a notice of a new project that we have posted on Exposure. It pretty much boils down what we did in 2014. It is good for remembering later, when will be, hopefully, old farts. I also hope that Exposure.co will still be a thing.


How was your 2014? How happy were you last year? Can you respond to this question quickly, or do you have to think about it?

Memory is a tricky thing. We humans remember selectively and are great at changing our recollections in favor of our current stories. But there is an antidote to that – it’s called photography. And in our personal case, photography always acts as a constant source of optimism and happiness. Because while, as humans, we are quick to get used to whatever good comes our way, and to contemplate the negatives, when it comes to photography we generally tend to preserve the positives. And that’s a pretty awesome and powerful thing!

In one glance, you can tell our year was awesome. If you take each image one by one and try to grasp the story, the context that led to it, most have been taken during pretty ordinary days. But oh – what’s ever ordinary in nature, and in moments, when each end every second is an experience we should always treasure 🙂

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