Simmons Custom Guitars

I have been recently commissioned for a shooting session with Simmons Custom Guitars (Facebok Page)and I have accepted of course, since it was an amazing chance to once again do something really cool and special. I am really grateful for the opportunity.

Sharleen Simmons, the luthier, managed to find a great model for the shooting, Lovisa and the result you can see here.

It was the first time when I had a very clear thematic to the shooting session – country side summer feeling with an European touch (this is how it was actually defined). Usually you don’t get many guidelines and finding the style that suits the best can be a problem. I really hope I have managed to narrow this down…

It was also the first time when I had to concentrate on drawing the viewer to the guitar while keeping the model in focus as well. It was a nice exercise and while I found my previous studies about composition in photography to be highly relevant, I again realized how important is the part with “feeling” the composition. I have no idea how that process works in the brain, but it is cool :).

So yeah, it was really fun and I am almost satisfied by the results. I know I can do better and maybe someday Sharleen will ask me to do it again. It ain’t common to get the chance of shooting custom made guitars of such valour and I feel really lucky.


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