Botaniska – plants everywhere

Lately, for some reason, I have started to develop a strange interest in plants. It is not only a photographic one, but a genuine scientific type of interest. You could say “How cuuuute!!” but it isn’t. It is wrong. I have already plenty of passions and I don’t get enough sleep because of all the things I want to do.

Still, apparently when put in the situation of, for example, finding a half dead bonsai in a store, I must act. Hours later suddenly I find myself ordering not only books about bonsai from the Internet, but also soil, pots, fertilizers tools… This is serious shit!

Above everything, when our best friends from Romania, Nicu and Ramona, visited us, we went to Botaniska, the Gothenburg Botanical Garden and I was purely fascinated, again, by the diversity of nature. Really, I was astonished. More shocked than ever before.

It is strange… Something has happened to me in the last 2-3 years because I have no idea why I have become so perceptive about the things around me… trees, plants, animals, life in general. It is like I am returning to some strange childhood stage when everything around me raises my interest and curiosity. And it is not only artistic urge, it is also a scientific one… I need to know why, how, when…

Even the feeling that I have are so… childish. It has been so long since I have felt so purely unconfused, so free of prejudices. I don’t know if it is the age, the fulfilling life that I have or just Sweden. Maybe all of them and some more. Maybe I am just going insane, in the most beautiful and euphoric mode possible. I hope it lasts…

Anyway, while at Botaniska I couldn’t stop, again, to take a large amount of photos with plants. I am really sensitive to patterns and colours in nature so I always feel he urge to capture some when I get the chance. Thus, behold a small amount of the wonders of the botanical garden in Gothenburg!