My name is Sebastian and I live in Sweden. I work as a video games developer but I am also a photographer, specialized mostly on lifestyle, event and documentary photography.
I am a often a video games related photographer – Gothia Science Park photo database.

I can work for free with:

  • non-profits and alike
  • humanitarian organizations
  • greater good oriented companies

I take paid gigs from:

  • small and large bussines
  • private individuals, in some cases



Starting price for paid gigs is 1000 SEK/hr + VAT (~100 Euro) per hour, negotiable based on the the project. It normaly includes:

  • 1h of effective photography
  • 30 min of photo processing
  • 8-12 photos (The client will select which are those photos)

Each additional 5-10 photos will add 30 min of processing time
I always provide minimum and maximum estimate beforehand.
For certain projects, a fixed cost for the total project can be negotiated based on the type of project and the mutual level of trust.
Delivery times are between 24hrs and 14 days, based on the project size.


My Clients

I am a generalist photographer specialized on lifestyle, event and documentary photography. I work mostly business-to-business.

Find me on:

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