My name is Sebastian and I live in Sweden. I work as a video games developer but I am also a photographer, specialized mostly on lifestyle, event and documentary photography.
I am a often a video games related photographer – Gothia Science Park photo database.

I can work for free with:

  • non-profits and alike (with exceptions)
  • humanitarian organizations
  • greater good oriented companies

I take paid gigs from:

  • small and large business
  • private individuals, in special cases


Starting price for paid gigs is 1000 SEK/hr + VAT (~100 Euro) per hour, negotiable based on the the project. It normally includes:

  • 1h of effective photography
  • 30 min of photo processing
  • 8-12 photos (The client will select which are those photos)

Each additional 5-10 photos will add 30 min of processing time
I always provide minimum and maximum estimate beforehand.
For certain projects, a fixed cost for the total project can be negotiated based on the type of project and the mutual level of trust.
Delivery times are negotiable. I deliver in site as well based on needs.

My Clients

I am a generalist photographer specialized on lifestyle, event and documentary photography. I work mostly business-to-business.


Find me on:

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