My first film!

At a certain point in my existence I read that you are not a photographer enough until you have used a film camera. Of course, I do not really took it seriously but the whole idea did raise my curiosity quite a bit. I did shot on film once, but I was really young, 12 years old or so and I cannot really remember if anything came out or not. I also clicked on some old point and shoot cameras, but that is also irrelevant.

In any case, I borrowed an Nikon F80 from a friend to see what is the fuss about. Now it seems I am going to get it a gift for my birthday from Laura, and I am really happy about it. I have realized what everyone is talking about – shooting on film makes you think a lot harder. And that is improving my photography skill.

I have used for these photos a slightly expired Fujifilm Superia 200. I would have prefered a Velvia 50, but I was not ready to destroy a slightly more expensive film. I will shoot in the future on a Kodak 400 TMAX which is black and white and supposedly awesome. Also, I am about to buy some Velvia 50 from Amazon since it is great for landscapes. Yes, I have documented myself…

So, I am very enthusiastic. Of course, I am still carrying around my 2kg of DSLR but when the right moment comes, I also pull out the analogic.

On an even more enthusiastic tone, I will soon get a Nikon F301 and a few manual Vivitar lenses. This way I will be able to go even more hard-core.

The photos below are my first complete film shot ever and am very proud of it.