Guitars with People

Some of you probably know the story about me finding a Takamine guitar in a garage… Well here it is, together with Laura. I have found Laura at a party exactly 15 years ago (12 June 1999). She had a very nice voice which she used for saying really smart things. Lucky day…

The reason though for which I have chosen to put Laura to work is because I need a portfolio asap. I have been asked to photograph an even more real guitar, one of those custom guitars you can only see in the collectors’ treasures. I won’t say who until I actually do the photos and I get the approval to do so, but it is awesome and I am terribly excited about the opportunity.

Thus, today me and Laura choose some random location from around here, since all of them are great and took some photos to see how it would look. I never photographed guitars with people, only people with guitars. The order is important.

As you can see, some photos are about the guitar, some about the person and some are… about the whole system. I hope they will function as a reference for my ability to artsy pinpoint stuff about…

The photos were suppose to have a summertime feeling, but unfortunately this is Sweden and it was cold as fuck, not to mention extremely windy :).







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