X20, Second Impressions

A morning walk in the park

Awesome!!! I would really like to be able to say more than this, but I am way too enthusiastic right now. I am having too much fun!    

X20 vs D90 vs D7100

Nikon D7100, ISO200, f/8.0, 1/80

Ok, so, to be very clear, Fujifilm X20 is a camera from a totally different class than a DSLR. I mean yes, you can do great photography with it, but not  really at a semi or “professional” level. The technical requirements are not met. X20 sensor is tiny by comparison with an APS-C (not to… Continue reading X20 vs D90 vs D7100

Always with a camera

Fireman march in Sf. Gheorghe, Romania

I was just reading that Henri-Cartier Bresson was having his Leica with him all the time. I wonder if that was actually bringing him more photos… Without being aware of this habit of his, I have done pretty much the same for the last 2.4 years. It started with me getting my first DSLR ever,… Continue reading Always with a camera

A bit of a winter

Snow Storm in central Sweden

Until now, this winter was quite disappointing. I know there are a lot of “tips” on the Internet about “What to photograph in the winter?” , but what to do when the winter is like a late November, only with looong Swedish nights, cloudy days and 2 hours of light per day is not really… Continue reading A bit of a winter

The Red Dawn

Red Swedish Dawn

One of the first things that was impressed about here in Sweden were these specific Nordic sunrises and sunsets, which are absolutely astonishing. It is not about being more beautiful than the ones from Pacific or Maldives or whatever. The are just different and equally fantastic. One of the most special are the pink-red ones.… Continue reading The Red Dawn

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Old vs. New

Denisa replied on my facebook post about trying to go beyond just descriptive with a good joke that intrigued me. She said that I am becoming a proper artist since I am considering all my old work as not being good enough. As a result, I have started digging a bit in the past, trying… Continue reading Old vs. New

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Beyond just descriptive

Black Church, Brasov, Romania

I have started recently to add some of my work to istockphoto.com and I have realized how very few of the photos I have can be deemed as worthy from a technical point of view. And I said to myself that yeah, ok, I only had a stock compatible camera for little time so it… Continue reading Beyond just descriptive

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Simple and memorable

Simple and memorable

We are used to think about birthday parties like events that imply a lot of people, drinking, smoking, eating, bbq-ing and finally going crazy due to the combination of all. And for us who like those manifestations, it is definitely fun. It is that kind of fun that is heavily anchored in creating “memorable” through… Continue reading Simple and memorable

In the backlog: Rainy day at Hornborga lake

Rain over the farms around Hornborga

When our very good friends from Belgium came to visit for the midsummer, we went for half a day in one of out most favorite places around here, Lake Hornborga. As usual, the place is very beautiful. But above that, the light associated with an unstable weather made it magic. Magic is good for the… Continue reading In the backlog: Rainy day at Hornborga lake

Spring, don be shy!

Oh man, I am so bored of freezing mornings in April…

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Something about Lackö castle

[hr] I have been many times to Lackö, since it is so close to home, and I am really fascinated by its construction. I mean, there isn’t anything striking about this medieval “raw” castle, yet, for some reason, I am surprised by its geometry. It looks excellent from most of the angles. No matter how you tilt… Continue reading Something about Lackö castle

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Don’t think about making art…

Late March in Sweden. Please spring, hurry up!

I have been reflecting lately at what I am doing with my photography. Almost every day I shot a certain number of pictures and throw them away like garbage. Only a few survive and they are all in accordance with my assessment of being good or bad. Unfortunately, I have observed that I am mostly doing… Continue reading Don’t think about making art…

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I will not pretend I am having experience shooting in studio conditions. I will not pretend that I am not scared about how much I have invested in this equipment. I will not pretend that I am a pro-photographer in any way. But there is one thing that I am sure about and that is how much fun I have photographing anything. And people are so interesting and so… full of surprises.

I just had my first photo session ever with Laura, my lovely wife. And it has been great. The results were astonishing for me. I mean, I didn’t expected it to go so well. And I did so many technical mistakes… In any case, I do have now the courage to take external work. Free work, paid work, any work… I would like to try to photograph families, kids, models, fashion etc. I want to see if I can hold myself in front of people with real demands in terms of quality.

I have a full mobile photo studio now, with 30 minutes required for assembling and 20 minutes for disassembling, by myself, with no assistants. I can travel, preferably in weekend, and I can take all kinds of photos. Depending on the situation I might ask for compensation or not (distance/gas, complexity, additional equipment, etc.). For now, I am just trying to develop my skills while bringing some joy to the others.

I really hope you will consider my proposal and allow me to use my equipment to take pictures of you or your family, friends relatives, animals, cars etc. I cannot guaranty yet a very high quality level, since I am but an apprentice, but I can guarantee that it will be fun and it will be time well spent.