Gone, gone fishing…

I love fishing. It is an activity that heals. Fresh air, the sound of water, the birds, the insects the, smells, they all just make me forget about everything. The act of actually catching a fish… It is not that important. And that is why sometimes I lose myself completely in the process of not fishing, but looking, admiring, being fascinated by the beauty of nature. In those moments I always say that is a good thing that I have the camera with me, because I usually do. I even have a name for the thing – Photofishing.

Yesterday I went photofishing in a place where I never catch anything. It looks like an amazing place for fishing, but apparently, fish don’t thing the same. Fortunately, it is very cool place to watch a sunset. Which I did and took some photos in the process.
All the photos have been taken with the Fujifilm X20 because I love this camera. It has a knack for making the world really beautiful. Sometimes I feel like this camera guides me, shows me coolness and not the other way around…