A truly spectacular “Valborg” (Walpurgis Night)

I found out recently about the Swedish Valborg, or how is commonly known Walpurgis Night. I remember last year asking myself why are the people outside on last day of April, burning stuff. I’ve thought that has something to do with St. George celebration on 25th of April, which is present in our Romanian customs and when we do similar activities.

Anyway, this year I almost decided not to care again… But I didn’t because lately, every time something is happening, I must be there, as an extension of my camera. If I am not doing it, I feel like shit. I am dependent on photography, that said.

The event, which happened in a small town close to here, had fanfare, songs and fires. But that was is about it… No drunk people, as I was actually expecting. I guess that comes later. The spectacular thing that happened is that weather changed suddenly. This huge rolling cloud spawned and made everything epic. And guess what… I WAS THERE!

I never regretted leaving my comfortable computer chair to do some field work. And the satisfaction of coming home with some great images is just… Same like reaching tier X in World of Tanks of beating a boss in Dark Souls, only much healthier and socially fulfilling. Enjoy the bellow result of this evening.