A home studio portrait session

Some time ago, I mean around a year or so, I went crazy about the idea of having a home studio. On paper it sounds pretty awesome, but in reality it was not that pretty. I went out and bought the cheapest best home studio lightning kit you can find, an D-Lite RX ONE Softbox Set. This set be back the price of really good set of lenses. This shit is expensive. But, it is also amazingly good for a home studio, or even more… They are powerful flashes that can lighten up an small restaurant, if needed.

I started experimenting with them, but honestly, I have only used them like 5-7 times, which doesn’t really justify their acquisition. I have only managed to recover maybe half of the investment in an year of having them.

Strange enough, exactly when I was thinking about that lighting set taking a lot of space in the house, a friend and client of mine, Henrik Roos, decided that he wants to do an advertising magazine about his company. I will write another post about this, but what happened is that I got to photograph his entire workshop and team. It was the second time when I did real full professional work on large-scale. That is an experience that I would love to repeat any time.

The second day, Laura invited a friend of her, Katherine, and I have once again set up the home studio. While doing this, I suddenly remembered how much I love working with these lights in confined environment, where I can model the light in the way I want. And that was the moment when I realized that I have no idea about fashion lightning. So, while the girls were preparing, I started reading. I did read a lot in the past about this subject, but for some reason, my brain decided to shut down when the work needed to be done. And, yes, this is what happens when you do not practice what you learn.

But, things got better as I have started shooting. The first epic n00b fail happened when I realized that I was shooting with focus set on continuous. I am not an idiot, I am just shy and sometimes my brain shuts down in the process. After fixing that, all the rest went great. And exactly when I was getting to do the best work, meaning all those artistic portraits, experimenting with light and everything, the girls got tired. I guess 2 hours of shooting was a lot for them. For me it was just getting in shape for another 4.

Check some of the results are here.