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  • Gone, gone fishing…

    Gone, gone fishing…

    I love fishing. It is an activity that heals. Fresh air, the sound of water, the birds, the insects the, smells, they all just make me forget about everything. The act of actually catching a fish… It is not that important. And that is why sometimes I lose myself completely in the process of not fishing, […]

  • X20 vs D90 vs D7100

    X20 vs D90 vs D7100

    Ok, so, to be very clear, Fujifilm X20 is a camera from a totally different class than a DSLR. I mean yes, you can do great photography with it, but not  really at a semi or “professional” level. The technical requirements are not met. X20 sensor is tiny by comparison with an APS-C (not to […]

  • Fujifilm X20 – First impressions

    Fujifilm X20 – First impressions

    Light, sturdy, fancy, easy to use, excellent photos straight from the camera – this I think summarizes my impressions after the day one. I feel a lot more free, even if the technical quality of the photos is not the best. Actually, the fact that I don’t give a crap any more about pixels and […]

  • Always with a camera

    Always with a camera

    I was just reading that Henri-Cartier Bresson was having his Leica with him all the time. I wonder if that was actually bringing him more photos… Without being aware of this habit of his, I have done pretty much the same for the last 2.4 years. It started with me getting my first DSLR ever, […]

  • Old vs. New

    Old vs. New

    Denisa replied on my facebook post about trying to go beyond just descriptive with a good joke that intrigued me. She said that I am becoming a proper artist since I am considering all my old work as not being good enough. As a result, I have started digging a bit in the past, trying […]

  • Beyond just descriptive

    Beyond just descriptive

    I have started recently to add some of my work to istockphoto.com and I have realized how very few of the photos I have can be deemed as worthy from a technical point of view. And I said to myself that yeah, ok, I only had a stock compatible camera for little time so it […]

  • Simple and memorable

    Simple and memorable

    We are used to think about birthday parties like events that imply a lot of people, drinking, smoking, eating, bbq-ing and finally going crazy due to the combination of all. And for us who like those manifestations, it is definitely fun. It is that kind of fun that is heavily anchored in creating “memorable” through […]

  • Something about Lackö castle

    Something about Lackö castle

    [hr] I have been many times to Lackö, since it is so close to home, and I am really fascinated by its construction. I mean, there isn’t anything striking about this medieval “raw” castle, yet, for some reason, I am surprised by its geometry. It looks excellent from most of the angles. No matter how you tilt […]

  • Don’t think about making art…

    Don’t think about making art…

    I have been reflecting lately at what I am doing with my photography. Almost every day I shot a certain number of pictures and throw them away like garbage. Only a few survive and they are all in accordance with my assessment of being good or bad. Unfortunately, I have observed that I am mostly doing […]

  • On the way to create my way

    On the way to create my way

    I know I like photography so very much that I kind of made a little obsession about it. Not big enough to interfere with my current job, because yes, I have one and it is great, but big enough to make me seriously thinking about becoming a “real” professional. I have noticed that beside nature, I like taking photos […]

  • The search for my inner voice

    The search for my inner voice

    I was wondering recently why did I stop blogging about my passion an I realized that is something inside me that screams – “You have to learn to create stories first!”. The truth is that I still don’t know to how to make my images tell a story. I have thought a lot lately about […]

  • A Midsummer Dream

    A Midsummer Dream

    I’ve heard people talking about their bad past life experiences with a sense of loss, like there is nothing left to do, since you cannot alter the past. Something happened and “I feel damaged“, thus, unable to recover completely ever. It is strange how this things works because I never heard anyone saying “I was so happy, I will never be able […]

  • Altered Photography: A matter of taste

    Altered Photography: A matter of taste

    Digital photography is great not only because anyone can become a photographer, if she or he has a bit of talent, but also because it makes damn easy for almost anyone with editing skills to alter the state of that image. It is all bunch of pixels that can be recolored, moved, changed, transformed or […]

  • The Story is behind

    The Story is behind

    The above picture was taken close to our place of work. After lunch, we always go to take a walk somewhere in the nature around us, because we have plenty of it. This nice “building” is close to the road, so we stopped to take a short picture. While doing this, we found out from an informative […]

  • The Creepy Warehouse

    The Creepy Warehouse

    These are just a part of the pictures. I have reserved some special gallery place for the rest of the story – Click here Almost every day, during the lunch break, I go outside, alone or with Laura, to walk and take some pictures. Every time I go out, there is something new. For example, a few days […]