The Story is behind

The above picture was taken close to our place of work. After lunch, we always go to take a walk somewhere in the nature around us, because we have plenty of it. This nice “building” is close to the road, so we stopped to take a short picture. While doing this, we found out from an informative plaque that we have parked on a burial ground 4000 years old… Imagine that!


They say that an image is enough to tell a story. It doesn’t need a title, it doesn’t need a comment or a blog post. If the image taker’s intention is clear, that will be visible to anyone and we will all know what the story is.

And it can be true. The only problem is that sometime the context is more important than the story. It is so important that in certain cases will rewrite the picture story. It is like publishing a nude on a biology site or on a photographically art website. Or the bicycle man on the history site versus the art gallery site.

In many cases some photos will tell the same story in different contexts. But in any case, it is probably best to use the right context or just add the right comments. The story behind the photo is sometimes way more interesting than everything else. Because we are all biased by our own experience and perception limitations.

Of course, this is my totally n00b opinion and I hope I will be able to respect it in the future, since I tend to post photos without comments.

P.S. I think that if a picture title if it is not informative, it can be really annoying having it, especially if the giver is stating an abstract obvious ex. “State of Mind”. I am still doing this, even if I know it is wrong.