X20 vs D90 vs D7100

Ok, so, to be very clear, Fujifilm X20 is a camera from a totally different class than a DSLR. I mean yes, you can do great photography with it, but not  really at a semi or “professional” level. The technical requirements are not met. X20 sensor is tiny by comparison with an APS-C (not to mention full-frame) and it has noise even at the lowest ISO. Photos above ISO 1600 are a bit difficult to use. I will just post three photos bellow, full resolution, exported directly from Adobe Raw, so no adjustments, to see the difference in terms of quality at ISO 200 (since for D90 is the minimum ISO level). Use right click on the full resolution link and “Save as” for best results.

Fujifilm X20 – Full resolution here (7MB file)
I will change this photo once I have one photographed with better light


Fujifilm X20, ISO200, f/2,2 1/75


Nikon D90 – Full resolution here(7MB file)


Nikon D90, ISO200, f/8.0, 1/250


Nikon D7100 – Full resolution here(20MB file)


Nikon D7100, ISO200, f/8.0, 1/80


Still, the camera is not  a point and shoot, although it does that job great as well. It is an excellent tool for someone trying to pursue an artistic vision and it can win any competition based on judging the vision, the composition and the general technical execution and less the amount of noise and small details.

As far as I am concerned, my Nikon D7100 is my workhorse. It is an amazing camera with amazing characteristics that does ANY job well. Still, having it with me every day everywhere is unpractical. And that is what Fujifilm X20 represents,  a practical tool, something that completes my gear set.