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  • A truly spectacular “Valborg” (Walpurgis Night)

    A truly spectacular “Valborg” (Walpurgis Night)

    I found out recently about the Swedish Valborg, or how is commonly known Walpurgis Night. I remember last year asking myself why are the people outside on last day of April, burning stuff. I’ve thought that has something to do with St. George celebration on 25th of April, which is present in our Romanian customs and when […]

  • My first “magazine” asignment

    My first “magazine” asignment

    So, I got recently my first advertisement magazine assignment. I had to photograph all the company and all the company cars… It was the first time for my “night-job” as a photographer when I had to work an entire day. I was not ready to shoot in such a rhythm and for so much time. Anyway, […]

  • A home studio portrait session

    A home studio portrait session

    Some time ago, I mean around a year or so, I went crazy about the idea of having a home studio. On paper it sounds pretty awesome, but in reality it was not that pretty. I went out and bought the cheapest best home studio lightning kit you can find, an D-Lite RX ONE Softbox Set. […]

  • Ready for shotin’!

      I will not pretend I am having experience shooting in studio conditions. I will not pretend that I am not scared about how much I have invested in this equipment. I will not pretend that I am a pro-photographer in any way. But there is one thing that I am sure about and that is […]

  • PRESENT – The Will to Change the World

    PRESENT – The Will to Change the World

    Everybody has the power to change the world… together. But extremely few have the will to do it. The will has to be motivated and educated and that takes time and requires good teachers. Most of us don’t really think that anything we will do, will actually make a difference. And we are all right. […]