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  • I went out again…

    I went out again…

    This time I was prepared, meaning that I had my fishing pole with me as well, thus I was more inclined to wait thorough the day for those perfect moments. And I think I got a few… moments I mean. I caught no fish, although I saw a few monsters breaking the crystal surface of […]

  • Hornborgasjön, 2014 edition, take 1

    Hornborgasjön, 2014 edition, take 1

    Every year we visit this place because of the shearing amount of cranes and other birds that gather here, coming form the south, before they fly to their nesting grounds all over Scandinavia. Every year I have longer lenses, except for this year when I got the same since last year. But last year there […]

  • Fujifilm X20 – First impressions

    Fujifilm X20 – First impressions

    Light, sturdy, fancy, easy to use, excellent photos straight from the camera – this I think summarizes my impressions after the day one. I feel a lot more free, even if the technical quality of the photos is not the best. Actually, the fact that I don’t give a crap any more about pixels and […]

  • A bit of a winter

    A bit of a winter

    Until now, this winter was quite disappointing. I know there are a lot of “tips” on the Internet about “What to photograph in the winter?” , but what to do when the winter is like a late November, only with looong Swedish nights, cloudy days and 2 hours of light per day is not really […]

  • A Sun Pillar

    A Sun Pillar

    As usual, today we went to work by car. I actually asked myself if I should carry my photo camera at work again, since there was nothing special happening anyway. Like every morning for the last 2 weeks, we were very happy about the beautiful  sunrise that was about to become visible from behind the clouds. As […]

  • New Site and Just Sweden

    New Site and Just Sweden

    As you can see, I have finally launched myself a real website which will stay updated with my latest work. I have started with Just Sweden as my  main theme because I just can’t stop being impressed by this country. Coming from Romania and Italy, both of which are definitely beautiful countries, it may seem weird. But the fact is that I feel […]