Swedish landscape

New Site and Just Sweden

As you can see, I have finally launched myself a real website which will stay updated with my latest work.

I have started with Just Sweden as my  main theme because I just can’t stop being impressed by this country. Coming from Romania and Italy, both of which are definitely beautiful countries, it may seem weird. But the fact is that I feel here like home. I like EVERYTHING. Not just the landscapes, the people or the lakes or the rivers or the cosines of my home. It is like being strongly in love. And the weird thing is that every day I feel like my connection with this world is getting stronger.

I feel that everything I do has value here, has a meaning. As a result I want to pay taxes, I want to respect the laws, I want to be nice, I want to smile all the time and I want to be as valuable as I can for this society. Because I trust Sweden with all my heart. All my life I wanted to live like this. So, thank God there is a place in this world where I can do just that.

I hope you will enjoy my pictures and I hope you are able to feel like I do, wherever you live.