50 hours after D90

A lucky movement

Well, today I have manged, finally, to shoot my first pictures that worth mentioning. Not too much and too often… But today I got lucky. A guy with a vintage yellowish (I hope not greenish…) car made my evening. Or the day. Depends of the perspective, since most of the day is in fact a… Continue reading 50 hours after D90

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40 Hours after D90

The Simbin Office

Shooting pictures, not people, is fun. Noticing the fact that in 50% of the cases you get a totally different image than you were expecting, is a problem. Adjusting the rest of the pictures in Lightroom and not cleaning the green channel in a “supposedly sort of” monochrome picture is fatal, especially if you’re publishing… Continue reading 40 Hours after D90

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30 hours after D90

I have read everything, the manual, the instructions, including the Dangers Section. I was very careful not to punch my eye when adjusting the ocular and I have taken a few pictures, just to check how some settings are working. I even made a short video. Overall, this camera it is much more than I… Continue reading 30 hours after D90

I am so very happy that finally I managed to buy my first DSLR camera. After playing for 2 month’s with Bomi’s Canon 40D, I kinda fell in love with this… everything concerning semi-professional photography thingie. And in time, it became and obsession. I had to buy one in the end, or each month, when the moon was at full, things were going pretty crazy in my head.
Still, the camera is not here. It is on its way. And it is all super-cool. And I am so damn anxious…
Next week is gonna be full of gifts – the Eve Online Megathron model should arrive, Skyrim Collectors Edition will also arrive and, of course, my Nikon D90… Crazy!