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  • My first “magazine” asignment

    My first “magazine” asignment

    So, I got recently my first advertisement magazine assignment. I had to photograph all the company and all the company cars… It was the first time for my “night-job” as a photographer when I had to work an entire day. I was not ready to shoot in such a rhythm and for so much time. Anyway, […]

  • 50 hours after D90

    50 hours after D90

    Well, today I have manged, finally, to shoot my first pictures that worth mentioning. Not too much and too often… But today I got lucky. A guy with a vintage yellowish (I hope not greenish…) car made my evening. Or the day. Depends of the perspective, since most of the day is in fact a […]

  • 40 Hours after D90

    40 Hours after D90

    Shooting pictures, not people, is fun. Noticing the fact that in 50% of the cases you get a totally different image than you were expecting, is a problem. Adjusting the rest of the pictures in Lightroom and not cleaning the green channel in a “supposedly sort of” monochrome picture is fatal, especially if you’re publishing […]

  • 30 hours after D90

    30 hours after D90

    I have read everything, the manual, the instructions, including the Dangers Section. I was very careful not to punch my eye when adjusting the ocular and I have taken a few pictures, just to check how some settings are working. I even made a short video. Overall, this camera it is much more than I […]

  • My first serious camera EVER!

    My first serious camera EVER!

    I am so very happy that finally I managed to buy my first DSLR camera. After playing for 2 month’s with Bomi’s Canon 40D, I kinda fell in love with this… everything concerning semi-professional photography thingie. And in time, it became and obsession. I had to buy one in the end, or each month, when […]