A lucky movement

50 hours after D90

Well, today I have manged, finally, to shoot my first pictures that worth mentioning. Not too much and too often… But today I got lucky. A guy with a vintage yellowish (I hope not greenish…) car made my evening. Or the day. Depends of the perspective, since most of the day is in fact a prolonged evening here.

Anyway, I am really happy with the way this camera is performing with these lenses in this omnipresent low light. I shoot all my pictures without a tripod or anything and I feel very proud because of it. I used just my naturally shaking hands… My friends know about my shaking hands too… They come with the color blindness.

I did buy a tripod though, today even… A budget one but solid – a Hama Profil Duo III. It is a 2-in-1 thingie, because the central piece cand be used as a monopod which is pretty close to awsome for a newbie like me.

…and today a terrible thing happened, and I have almost cried – While trying to fit the camera on the tripod, under the weight of it, the tripod angular support flipped. I did a short move to catch it and I broke in two pieces the door from the camera SD card, which was open. Why? Because it is opening itself very easy when you pull the camera from a backpack or bag. I read the Internet and I happily found not only that I am just another idiot, but also that I can find easily a replacement. Until then, superglue rules. It is unnoticeable. And I have stopped the almost crying procedure.

And here are some pictures. I like them to be honest. They are way better than my photographer skills. So camera does matter…