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  • Oh, look, 3 years have passed…

    Oh, look, 3 years have passed…

    … since the last blog post. Everything changed, like literally – my life, my career, my face and many aspects of my personality. It is just insane to look back and just realize how much of a different person I am. I am still unable to recognize myself in the mirror, which is a bit […]

  • An issue about Style

    An issue about Style

    I was browsing one of the photography Reddits today and I have noticed a lot of topics about personal style. People are asking other people if their style is clearly visible or how do you get to have a style and such. I did a lot of reflecting in the past on what style is […]

  • Light is everything

    Light is everything

    There is a bit of common belief that processing can change everything. And there is some truth to it, if you think about composites and actually creating photos in Photoshop, as oppose to show what the camera seen, filtered by your own vision. When you take a photo, even if you do not want to slice […]

  • Working for “free”

    Working for “free”

    I have been thinking about writing an actual post about this for quite a while because I really needed to feel like I am clear about the subject. I also wanted to see if whatever action I took had an actual result. The trigger for writing it right now was a very interesting offer I got […]

  • Let’s talk with no reason!

    Let’s talk with no reason!

    GDC was great, but there is one thing that really bothered me – It was unfashionable there to meet people for no reason.   I remember opening a discussion like this at a party “Hi I am Sebastian and sometimes I am a photographer. I just wanted to tell you that I have noticed you […]

  • Paving the commercial way

    Paving the commercial way

    Well, 5 months ago, after my last post on this blog, my great quest towards improving my photography took flight. Suddenly, after the Sweden Game Conference, apparently I reached a “hype bump”. Many people have starting thinking about me as a photographer fit for their needs. Because, truth be told, I am the only photographer […]

  • 1 year at S.G. Arena and the Sweden Game Conference

    1 year at S.G. Arena and the Sweden Game Conference

    Next week the Sweden Game Conference kicks in. You can find all the information here. I am personally really happy for this occasion, not only because some really cool people will come in our little town of Skövde, but also because it marks the most interesting and rich year in game development related activities of our lives. […]

  • Surprise sunset

    Surprise sunset

    When we were driving back to Sweden, from Germany, just before Puttgarden, this amazing sunset happened over the Krummsteert-Sulsdorfer Wiek. I quickly took a photo over Marcus who had to drive in an awkward position. The photo is the one above. I was sure that it was just a snapshot and that I am going to […]

  • The Digital Darkroom – Before and Afters

    The Digital Darkroom – Before and Afters

    Taking photos is easy if you have a bit the eye and if you study long enough. These days it is so easy to find resources and learn how to take a photo (including how to edit photos). Still, from what I have noticed, high quality photography requires also some pretty good editing skills. And […]

  • Ibiza – In & Beyond the Party Vibe

    Ibiza – In & Beyond the Party Vibe

    “I’m drifting off to some far away, surreal land as I gaze towards the creamy ends of the gentle Mediterranean waves washing the golden shores of Santa Eulalia’s main beach. I’m free and I feel extraordinarily beautiful, as a pulse beating after the rhythm of the sea pushes my thoughts into a deep creative state […]

  • Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 – Imperfect Love

    Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 – Imperfect Love

    24-70mm f/2.8 is a particular set of numbers that you want packed in one lenses on you camera. It is the absolute base of any type of photography. No wonder Nikon puts such a high price on it. At least in my experience, this range is what I use the most. Unfortunately, you don’t have […]

  • Love for Nature

    Love for Nature

    Recently somebody asked me if I am specialized in landscape photography. I don’t consider myself specialized in anything, not now and not for the following 10 years or so. Besides, I want to explore all aspects of photography from an artistic perspective. If I would talk about my preferences right now, I do prefer some […]

  • A collection of project ideas

    A collection of project ideas

    I am trying to create a list with photographic projects ideas that I could do in the following years. Most of them are anchored in personal believes, important personal experiences and my daily life here where I live and work. “It is impossible to see what the mind cannot conceive” – There are a lot of beautiful things around […]

  • Steps to an artistic somewhere

    Steps to an artistic somewhere

    Photography has two very important and pretty well defined sides, one technical and one artistic. Almost any normal person on this planet can learn how to use a camera and how to technically take really good photos. Camera has buttons and dials and lenses that do very clear and logical things, all specified in the […]

  • Where the “10 tips” stop and the art begins

    Where the “10 tips” stop and the art begins

    I often read news about “self-taught” photographers showing their amazing work and how cool is that. I never really understood why is such a big fuss about being self-taught, but I am starting to get it. I have learn most of the photography I know from Internet – from blogs, tutorials, forums and others. Took me 2 years to […]