Paving the commercial way

Well, 5 months ago, after my last post on this blog, my great quest towards improving my photography took flight. Suddenly, after the Sweden Game Conference, apparently I reached a “hype bump”. Many people have starting thinking about me as a photographer fit for their needs. Because, truth be told, I am the only photographer I know who is not specialized in a type of photography but on a target group – game developers.

Since I am a game developer as well and I think I have a certain level of understanding for developers community, why not become a game developer(s) photographer?! Actually, I didn’t even thought of it. It just happened.

I will detail in further posts, but I have worked and still working with game development studios and I have solidified my photographer position with the Swedish state driven programs like Sweden Game Arena, The Game Incubator etc. I discovered a market that nobody, not even me, thought it existed. I mean, just check this place here –

Photographers are complaining a lot these days that you cannot really be just a photographer anymore. Unfortunately is true, but really, being something else while being a photographer is NOT a bad thing. It is how it is supposed to be. It is what we are. We need to draw inspiration form something and that something is often time outside our line of work or passions or whatever. Doing different things to feed our need for expression is normality, is life. Sticking to full time photographer job and getting locked in a studio can become very frustrating. The world axis has shifted, so better shift with it or find a niche fit for you.