A collection of project ideas

I am trying to create a list with photographic projects ideas that I could do in the following years. Most of them are anchored in personal believes, important personal experiences and my daily life here where I live and work.

  1. “It is impossible to see what the mind cannot conceive” – There are a lot of beautiful things around us that we cannot see because we cannot conceive they might exist
  2. How do we fail?! – A struggle for understanding the nature of creativity in video games
  3. Between necessity and opportunity – Romanian beggars in Sweden
  4. There is always a reason to wait – A statement against suicidal attempts
  5. Not everything is shit – Hidden involuntary beauty in the humans surrounding us
  6. Surface – Give me a lake and you shall have my peace of mind
  7. Voices from “The Cave” – a story about how we play video-games at home
  8. I do not cry, I am a man – How education shapes us into failed male individuals unable to express our feelings
  9. The Age of Old – When do we think of ourselves of being old and why
  10. Who is me – I have studied medicine, now I am a game developer with a passion for photography. Where does it all fit?
  11. No Magic Left – We live in the age of Science. There is no magic left, only the unexplained. Or…

More to follow…

I wonder which one should be the first?!