• 40 Hours after D90

    40 Hours after D90

    Shooting pictures, not people, is fun. Noticing the fact that in 50% of the cases you get a totally different image than you were expecting, is a problem. Adjusting the rest of the pictures in Lightroom and not cleaning the green channel in a “supposedly sort of” monochrome picture is fatal, especially if you’re publishing […]

  • 30 hours after D90

    30 hours after D90

    I have read everything, the manual, the instructions, including the Dangers Section. I was very careful not to punch my eye when adjusting the ocular and I have taken a few pictures, just to check how some settings are working. I even made a short video. Overall, this camera it is much more than I […]

  • Just Sweden

    I have heard heard so much about the beauty of Sweden… Still, I know from my experience that it is hard to imagine what that means. I kept searching for the best image possible to express not only the look, but also the feel – that incredible peace of mind this country, together with its […]

  • They live in the Mailbox

    They live in the Mailbox

    They live in my mailbox which they are considering it to be the safest place in the world. The chose to raise their children in there, teach them to fly, to hunt, to kill… I feel sad about being compelled to remove them and their future children by force. Could only the fear of a […]