The Normal Extraordinary Individual

We all like to have heroes. Heroes make us better, they give us something to aim for. And we all know that all heroes come with great life stories. But, like all heroic life stories, they fail to mention the bad deeds, those little things that make our heroes real people, normal people.

I personally prefer to follow heroes that are not heroes. Heroes that live around us, with their entire experience and emotional baggage  They tend to be much more complex, much harder to understand and much more interesting. Making personal heroes out of these people means that you have to make compromises, to understand and accept their dark side and its paradoxical beneficial influence onto the uniqueness of their talent and personality.


Black Angel Tony

Such a person is this newly surfaced Romanian photographer, Viorel Popescu. You can read a part of his story on MyModernmet.comHis talent is obvious. It is not something that goes unnoticed. It stands out and it sticks. I am sure though that, even if his story as published my give the wrong impression, Viorel is quite an educated man. You can see that in the way he writes, in the way he comments his pictures. He is intelligent, elusive, profound. Which makes him the right person for me to follow as talent. Makes him the perfectly normal extraordinary individual which I hope to become in terms of my passion, the photography… since that is what I am talking about.

So, check him out on his Facebook account or Flickr account. You will not regret it.