The cliché tree

There is a category of pictures that are so… cliché. This is one of them – The Lonely Tree – representing some genetically inscribed image in our brains, since the beginning of… mostly since the beginning of Christianity?! The tree, the apple, the women and the pissed off God… Some may argue that in fact this image represents the triumph of life against all odds and has nothing to do with the divinity and sins. And others will find other perfectly reasonable meanings in this image, some positive, some negative.

From a photographic point of view I’ve been tempted to digitally remove the other small trees to the left in order to emphasize any of the above explanations or any other possible meanings closely related with the “lonely tree” cliché. I mean, I even removed any doubts and distractions by making the picture black and white…

But then I realized that for some reason, I like the image as it is. Why? Because those trees and bushes actually add to “MY”message. Strange, but while I was writing this from a “satirical” perspective, I realized, to my not so original desperation, that I actually wanted to transmit something very clear from the moment I’ve started planning this picture:


We walk the filed of life towards the promised land,
And when we reach it, finally, the Sun will… set.”


A bit cynical, I know… It is definitely a cliché but it does work, doesn’t it?!