New clients, much work, great fun!

This year is not over yet and man, it was already a great ride! Check bellow:

Gothia Science Park
Through its multiple projects, this is my most important client because on top of offering me enough work to stay afloat with my business, their profile and activity really fits with my other life, the game dev. one. With Sweden Game Arena and The Incubator I have traveled and I will travel in Europe for different gaming events and also across Atlantic in San Francisco, for GDC. I am so happy to work with them and I cannot thank them enough for making me feel so much like a part of something of great value.
All the work related can be founded on

Coffee Stain
This was photo gig was a great experience and the best about it is that at the end I was not only a better photographer, but better at understanding and communicating with a client. It was great working with Paul Yance because his decisiveness and eye for style guided me towards created something that I am very content with. On top of that, I have met most of the Coffee Stain development team, which is great! Check their new website featuring my photos from their studio.

Nordic Game
The most prestigious gaming event in the Scandinavian peninsula is the Nordic Game in Malmö. The event has a great reputation mostly because of the friendly and cozy atmosphere, but this year was truly exceptional by having a very good line-up of talks. I was lucky enough to be commissioned photographer for a day which allowed me to be a part of the event. Overall, I had a great experience, met a lot of cool people and also consolidated my friendship with many who I have already met at previous events. You can see my photos from the even here.

Stunlock Studios
I was also lucky to be commissioned by Stunlock Studios for several photo sessions for their new website. I got to see and photograph their amazing offices, which I really like and also photograph the team in action at the gym which was something entirely new for me. I had great fun doing that! You can check their website featuring some of my photos from different sessions.

Creative Coast Festival/NetPort Science Park
This is by far my most favorite festival. Most of my strong friendships with developers from outside Skövde have been forged at Creative Coast. I really appreciate and admire the work Johan Toresson and his colleagues are doing there and which is so visible in the absolute unique atmosphere the festival is having. John Beach in this article on Vice is also talking about the festival in terms that resonate with my impressions. You can check the photos from the festival here.

Swedish Game Awards
For the first time in the history of Swedish Game Awards, this very appreciated event in the game dev. students circles happened in Skövde. And the best thing, I got to photograph it for which I really thank Alex Milton for the opportunity. The great games exhibited, the awards and the party after concluded the last event of this summer, before Gamescom, where you can find me 2 weeks from now. Check the photos from the event here.

Of course, in the meantime I had some sessions for HSB magazine and some private clients which added on my most productive half year of my newly found second life. I also got fired from my main job which created a great opportunity for me to finally take off as an indie game developer / photographer ;). So this is it.