Cold Shores

A freezing North Sea kiss

As strangely as it sounds, until a week ago, we haven’t been able to see and taste the Northern Sea. We’ve heard is spectacular, and most important, really, really cold. Since we had no idea about where to go see it, we randomly chose a road that goes as close as possible to the shore. We took this unknown path and we ended here.

When they say that the North Sea is cold, it is pretty obvious they mean it. And it is not only about the water. It is about the wind also. A strong breeze that freezes you mind. After taking these shots, I had my hands completely frozen. I wasn’t exactly prepared for this “surprise”.

But even worse than me, our friend Irina, managed to step by mistake into a small, but deep sea water pool. I guess that hurt, because she yelled – “It’s SO COLD!”.