Waiting in Källby Station

Since I was a little too drunk to go home after a Friday night party, we took a cab and I left Tasha in the city. Next day, we have decided to take the train. We bought tickets from Internet and we went to the train station, which it happens to be exactly in front of our house. As you can see, it doesn’t really look like the usual train station we are used with, meaning old, graffiti painted and sometimes dirty, depending on the location (click HERE for details)

The train was 5 minutes late, which we understood that it happens around here. They are not very reliable. But, what followed… The train is extremely expensive here, but you get the most comfortable way of traveling possible. I mean, if a simple regional train looks like this…

We’ve presented our mobile phones with the confirmation message for the ticket bought and we’ve asked “Is this the 1’st class?”. She answered “No, it is Saturday and that’s why it looks so deserted…”. We weren’t making fun at all, but I think she thought we were. Overall, it was the most pleasant trip by train we’ve ever had. Even if it was short, well, 12 minutes… So, we have decided that we love trains ans station in Sweden.

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