• Altered Photography: A matter of taste

    Altered Photography: A matter of taste

    Digital photography is great not only because anyone can become a photographer, if she or he has a bit of talent, but also because it makes damn easy for almost anyone with editing skills to alter the state of that image. It is all bunch of pixels that can be recolored, moved, changed, transformed or […]

  • The ethics of cropping

    The ethics of cropping

    I have submited recently a differently cropped version of this photo to, convinced that this time I might have a chance. Obviously, I was wrong. I am not there yet, and to quote Laura “2 years babe, 2 years!“. I only have like 7 months of cumulative DSLR activity, which is leaving me another 17 months […]

  • The cliché tree

    The cliché tree

    There is a category of pictures that are so… cliché. This is one of them – The Lonely Tree – representing some genetically inscribed image in our brains, since the beginning of… mostly since the beginning of Christianity?! The tree, the apple, the women and the pissed off God… Some may argue that in fact this image represents the triumph of life against all odds and has […]

  • The Story is behind

    The Story is behind

    The above picture was taken close to our place of work. After lunch, we always go to take a walk somewhere in the nature around us, because we have plenty of it. This nice “building” is close to the road, so we stopped to take a short picture. While doing this, we found out from an informative […]

  • Leveling Up in Photography

    Leveling Up in Photography

    I’ve been reading a lot of books and personal experiences of many photographers around the world. I am also exchanging a lot of information with my friend Barbu, whom I consider to be my “master” in this vast domain of photography. Listening all these opinion, I must admit that it is a little bit scary. […]

  • Life on 35mm

    Life on 35mm

    I had a plan. And that plan was to get a camera. That took me a few years to get the Nikon D90 and despite my pessimism, I even got a lens for it, the Nikon 18-105mm f4.5-5.6. I didn’t honestly thought that I will get more than just the body in the beginning. Of course, I […]

  • A Sun Pillar

    A Sun Pillar

    As usual, today we went to work by car. I actually asked myself if I should carry my photo camera at work again, since there was nothing special happening anyway. Like every morning for the last 2 weeks, we were very happy about the beautiful  sunrise that was about to become visible from behind the clouds. As […]

  • New portfolios to come

    New portfolios to come

    Since I have launched this pretty website, I have realized that I really need more content. I have a bunch of pictures from the past that are around here somewhere, let’s say, poorly organized. As a result, since Romania and Italy are definitely not covered, I will try to rewind and resurrect my old pictures collection. Of course, most […]

  • New Site and Just Sweden

    New Site and Just Sweden

    As you can see, I have finally launched myself a real website which will stay updated with my latest work. I have started with Just Sweden as my  main theme because I just can’t stop being impressed by this country. Coming from Romania and Italy, both of which are definitely beautiful countries, it may seem weird. But the fact is that I feel […]

  • A freezing North Sea kiss

    A freezing North Sea kiss

    As strangely as it sounds, until a week ago, we haven’t been able to see and taste the Northern Sea. We’ve heard is spectacular, and most important, really, really cold. Since we had no idea about where to go see it, we randomly chose a road that goes as close as possible to the shore. […]

  • PRESENT – The Will to Change the World

    PRESENT – The Will to Change the World

    Everybody has the power to change the world… together. But extremely few have the will to do it. The will has to be motivated and educated and that takes time and requires good teachers. Most of us don’t really think that anything we will do, will actually make a difference. And we are all right. […]



    Photographing cars and obtaining really good meaningful pictures it is a real pain. You need to met way to many conditions like the right lens, the right filters.  a lot of space space, perfect light etc. I mean, at least this is what I understand from the things I am reading. To create something with […]

  • Waiting in Källby Station

    Waiting in Källby Station

    Since I was a little too drunk to go home after a Friday night party, we took a cab and I left Tasha in the city. Next day, we have decided to take the train. We bought tickets from Internet and we went to the train station, which it happens to be exactly in front […]

  • Late November in Sweden

    Late November in Sweden

    My toy is working. And if it fails sometimes when on Shutter or Aperture Priority, it is working perfectly when it goes on Manual. They say a photographer knows exactly what he will get from his camera when he wants to shoot something. Clearly, I am not a photographer. I have no idea what  will […]

  • 50 hours after D90

    50 hours after D90

    Well, today I have manged, finally, to shoot my first pictures that worth mentioning. Not too much and too often… But today I got lucky. A guy with a vintage yellowish (I hope not greenish…) car made my evening. Or the day. Depends of the perspective, since most of the day is in fact a […]