Spain, Isla La Palma, Canarias

We went this year in a great holiday on an island in the Canary that is a bit out of the usual tourists path – Isla La Palma. What we have found there gave gave birth to one of our most interesting holiday experiences we ever had.  We are not usually the type of family who can rest. We do things and we cannot stop from doing things not even in the holiday. Thankfully we managed to hit exactly the right place for us.

If you are curious about the island, feel free to drop me a message.

I have structured the collection of photos in 5 distinct groups which you can access from bellow:

1. Cities, Beaches and Lifestyle: What you can do in between hiking



2. Above the Cloud: Visiting the astronomical observatory from Roque de le Muchachos



3. Forests and Paths: Hiking the nature



4. Caldera de Taburiente: Carved by the water



5. Landscapes and Nightsky: Because both are inspiring and unique




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