A street with a hanging name

Late November in Sweden

My toy is working. And if it fails sometimes when on Shutter or Aperture Priority, it is working perfectly when it goes on Manual. They say a photographer knows exactly what he will get from his camera when he wants to shoot something. Clearly, I am not a photographer. I have no idea what  will come out from what I think that I want to shoot. I just passionately shooting everything that has a meaning for me. Probably that is why most of my pictures are with my wife…

Anyway, it is late November in this extraordinary Scandinavian country. We live near a forest, like almost everybody else around here so we let ourselves drawn to its depths from time to time. And now I got a camera (every time I say this, I feel so excited about the idea!) and I was definitely not afraid to use it. We walked strange country roads, we passed through people backyards and smelled every pretty thing and hugged every special tree. Consequently, I spent the rest of my day fixing, patching and adjusting what I gathered in the woods. Fun, fun…

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