Forests and Paths

If there is one thing to say about La Palma is that it is an island for hikers. A huge amount of paths and routes and places to walk are waiting for anyone who enjoys doing this kind of activities. Add to this the height of the island which create a very interesting climate stratification and you will get a very interesting environment to experience – from the sea to deserts and steps and finally tropical forests, pine forests and alpine flora. All done in 5 hours of walking…

We took only two forest routes, one it is called The Enchanted Forest and the second The Routes of Fountains, because they were very accessible. Enough said that we have seen some pretty interesting things. In some parts you can even get really weird mixes of plants from different types of climates. Some species grow only o these islands, like Palm Canariensis Phoenix.
Next year e plan to walk a lot more paths, since there are a lot of things left to be seen.



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