Simmons Custom Guitars – the real deal

Despite being a bit obvious that Laura never actually played a guitar ;), my portfolio apparently did not sent my clients away. It did quite the opposite. Thus, yesterday, after a day with two dental extractions, a full day of job-work trying to release a mobile game and after an evening that was announcing itself to be cloudy, the shooting session took place. And the light was awesome!!! Being Sweden, we had good light until around 23.00 …

It was amazingly fun. Sharleen, the luthier, Lovisa, the model, and the two guys taking care of the puppy, everyone was in a good creative mood. And it look to me that even the puppy had fun (not featured here). I was almost like high. At a certain point I even had to tell myself “Dude, it is late, people want to go home, seriously!”.

I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to photograph for Sharleen. This is the kind of stuff that you do not get to experience often. The luthiers are not the kind of people you get the luck of meeting every day…



I shall not go into technical stuff. To be honest, even if I am spending around 15-20 hours/week reading and learning about photography, I still feel like I am shooting completely intuitive. When I get passionate, I am not thinking consciously anymore about DoFs, ISO’s, F-Stops and other things that give me control. I get this feeling that I am loosing completely the control over the artistic process which can be scary, makes me panic sometimes, especially if I am doing something “professionally” (to be understood “for a client”).

But strangely, in most of the cases, it turns out right. And I am always asking myself if it is something that I can constantly generate or if it is just a struck of luck. Hard to answer. I will probably have an answer to this one 20 years from now.

Until then, here are some samples, almost unprocessed. I will publish more later, in the Hall of Fame.


Updated – See the full result here.






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