Love for Nature

Recently somebody asked me if I am specialized in landscape photography. I don’t consider myself specialized in anything, not now and not for the following 10 years or so. Besides, I want to explore all aspects of photography from an artistic perspective. If I would talk about my preferences right now, I do prefer some areas like nature, people and certain events.

I have a large and special part in my heart for the nature. Whenever I go out there, I feel reborn and recharged. It is true that I have discovered this love for nature here in Sweden. This thing is visible in my photos. At a certain point I had to ask myself if I like the Swedish nature in particular or Nature in general. I do feel closer to Swedish landscape because here is where I have learn to really see and to respect the nature. Also, the nature in Sweden is extremely well kept and respected which is quite amazing. But, when I think about my hometown in Romania and the absolutely astonishing nature in those parts, I feel this strong melancholy that usually makes me drop a tear. Transylvania is still a huge part of me. I get the same feeling when I think about the landscapes of La Palma, in Canaries.

Thus, I can only conclude that I am terribly in love with the Nature, generally speaking. I am in love with the sky, the water, and the land and its life. I am in love with the colors, the smells, the sounds of leaves in the wind or the roaring of the winter storm. This is the only way I can explain the absolute tranquility of mind that I get every time I get out in the fields, no matter the country. And I need to be in the fields every second day, the least. Sometimes it feels like I am dreaming in the way I should dream. I never dream about the nature . When I dream I have nightmares about people. I don’t like dreaming. I like staying awake, to explore reality, not to recompose it. There is nothing for me to explore in my dreams except for the darkness of our human nature existing between 4 walls.

I never understood how people can live in large cities without any contact with the nature for years. How can they stay sane? Are they still sane?

When it comes to my preference for photographing the nature and landscapes, I guess it is just the result of a need to capture and preserve as much as I can of my feelings in images. It doesn’t work very often, but I am still trying.