Ben-Joe & the Shipwreckers Night

Yesterday we got lucky. A quick sudden invitation from our friends in Skövde and we found ourselves at Mike’s Pub where, surprise, there was a Ben-Joe & the Shipwreckers Night! We have tried to see these guys like three times before and we never managed due to all kind of factors. But finally, yesterday, we have been summoned in the right place at the right time.

And what an epic night this was…

These guys from Ben-Joe & the Shipwreckers are not just insanely talented, they have heart man! They sing with joy, they sing with pathos, they sing with balls! I think I never had so much fun like this since I was a student. I mean, seriously, the music, the red Murphy pints, the people, everything was in perfect alignment, like a gift from Dionysus. A night to remember.

So…. fucking….. awesome!

Thank you!