My first “magazine” asignment

So, I got recently my first advertisement magazine assignment. I had to photograph all the company and all the company cars… It was the first time for my “night-job” as a photographer when I had to work an entire day. I was not ready to shoot in such a rhythm and for so much time. Anyway, overall I needed a lot more than one day and I shot a bit more than 2000 photos.

In all this session I had to deal with a few interesting factors:

  • for the cars I had to find a nice shaded place facing North, where I could shoot for the entire day. I got lucky and found one with a nice bricks background where I was able to work with 3 cars in the same time… I am not kidding. I shot around 30-40 cars in 9 hours. Beat that!
  • for the repair shop I had to carry around the Elinchrom set all over the place. It was fun, fulfilling and gratifying. The guys really enjoyed it which made me really happy. The also acted pretty awesome, especially when they starting walking around the repair shop looking busy… Try to look like you are working on a non working day, if you think it is easy :). As for the focus part, I had tot keep in account that both people, cars and machines had to look good. It was a bit hard, I can tell you that, especially if you lack the experience for doing this. Did I mention that I have NEVER worked with another photographer?! I have no idea how to do this things, and all I have learned is from reading the Internet.
  • for the showroom is was much easier. The smaller space made the light easier to control. Also only the people were important.
  • for the cover, this is a nice story… In between the session, which took about a half a week, there was also a new Mercedes model release event which I was invited to photograph. At the end of it I found out that there is no cover photo for the magazine so Henrik asked me if I can do a night shot of one of the Mercedes models. Did I ever mentioned how much I love doing night shooting and painting with light? Most likely not, but yeah, I was super up for it especially since Johan, my friend who is doing the layout, wanted something similar with an old photo that I did with a Camaro (see bellow the Mercedes one). The result, which I am super proud about it, can be seen bellow the one with the Mercedes – Benz model.

So that was it. Great assignment which made it hard for me to work around my day job as a video games studio manager, but worth it every second. It was also a paid job which means more gear for me 🙂 and maybe some “requisite” for Laura, if she plays smart… and beautiful.

See the results here.



Camaro SS 2010