The search for my inner voice

I was wondering recently why did I stop blogging about my passion an I realized that is something inside me that screams – “You have to learn to create stories first!”. The truth is that I still don’t know to how to make my images tell a story. I have thought a lot lately about this matter and I don’t think it is a talent issue. I think is a just a matter time spent studying and practicing. I am just not experienced enough to SEE. I mean, to see beyond the actual image, to transpose the reality in a conclusive expression of photographic art and to also tell the story to others, not only to myself.


The good think is that I know now is not a matter of equipment, although, truth be told, having the right lenses will give you a broader range of choices and bigger chances to find just the right spot. But, still, with all the lenses in the world, the only way I will acquire a deeper understanding of this art is by learning continuously. I am still just a school boy, trying to dig into the charming secrets of photography. And I do sometimes shed a tear when I get a good image and it also happens to be in line with what I actually wanted to transmit. Hopefully next year it will happen more often for me to bring the vision closer to the image.

In the meantime, I am still photographing Sweden which is absolutely amazing as a country and people and lifestyle and… everything. One year of living here just made more convinced that I have probably found my home. I am also financing my passion by photographing cars for cash, which is enough to feed the equipment hunger. I am still very sad for what happen in my family did and I am still trying to overcome the creative block that I’ve been sort of suffering from. But things are better now, life is beautiful and those who make my life as it is deserve the best in the world.

So, yeah, new updates coming soon…