The Creepy Warehouse

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Almost every day, during the lunch break, I go outside, alone or with Laura, to walk and take some pictures. Every time I go out, there is something new. For example, a few days ago we have discovered some nice graffiti on some buildings very close to our work place. The other day we have explored some paths that were not so obvious and we got stuck in thickets. I should mention that we work in the industrial zone of Lidköping, close to the lake and some other really cool walking places.

Yesterday, while we were exploring the graffiti drawings, I have noticed that the big building that was effectively surrounding us it is a sort of a heavy duty warehouse, because it is covering a hell of a lot of space. I thought that I’ve heard some chuckles inside so I assumed somebody is definitely working there. Trying to circumvent the building in order to get out of that hidden backyard with the graffiti where we were, I have noticed that there is a small metal door that has been crooked from one corner, in order to allow one single person to get inside. I went there, put my camera inside and snapped a picture. What I have seen after was a huge warehouse completely empty, deserted, left unused for years. Since we had to get back to work, we left, with the promise in my head that I will explore that place someday.

As a result, today I got back. I’ve managed to get inside and the thrill of adventure got into me really fast. I took quickly some pictures inside, happy that I had my 35mm 1.8 with me and that nobody was around. I even thought that I’ve heard an owl somewhere above me, but it was a little too dark to see. While snapping my pictures I have noticed something inside that was extremely strange and not quite right – The Chair. Exactly in the middle of the warehouse, where some window light was hitting the ground, there was a chair. One single chair in a sea of darkness, dust and covered deep holes in the ground. I’ve freaked out just a little, but  I couldn’t stop and continued exploring some more. There were no blood stains… fortunately. I haven’t found any clues about a possible nude photography session that I thought would have been quite… appropriate in that context. It would have probably been an experience utterly creepy and inspiring in the same time… for the protagonists, of course.

In the end I have managed to explore around 25% of the warehouse, since for the rest I was kinda needing a torch or something because it was too dark. And also, there were these huge empty holes in the ground, around 3 meters deep, where I don’t think it is desirable to fall and break something while being alone. None would hear your screams…

So you see, I love my lunch breaks… These days I’ll get back there much better equipped… If they don’t seal that little door…