Milan, historic center

The Colorful Italy

We lived in Italy for a while… twice. First in Toscana, near the sea, and the second time, in north, near Milan. We had all kind of experiences, some good, some… not so good. But we’ve met some really nice people and we’ve seen some really nice places. Oh, and we ate a lot of really good food.

As you know, Italy is a photographer’s heaven. Everywhere you go, there are so many beautiful things to see, and such incredible landscapes to shoot. It is a country built upon a great empire and it is impossible not to see that wherever you go. For a history and landscapes lover, like I am,  Italy is a great place to visit, as many times as possible.

Most of the pictures in this collection that I am preparing, are done using an old camera, so the quality, even if artificially enhanced, it is not great. Some of the pictures though, were taken with a better camera, which will be most likely visible.

Until I’ll set up everything, you can see a sneak peak attached to this post.