The food was good...

The food was good…

Well…all started as a normal work-day, like any Friday. You do your job to the best of your abilities. You act honorable. You educate yourself into being serious, precised, organized and you always respect the other people because this is the only way you will fit. And you smile. Because that shows not only that you love what you are doing, but also that you trust your future and that you work in a sane and healthy environment. You always say the truth, you always recognize your mistakes. That is what you do. A normal day of work.

And then, the night comes. You get your shit together, and you become a human. You get into the car and you go to the party, caring a plastic bag full with non-alcoholic beers. You say you won’t drink, but the second glass of gin is gone, waaay down by the throat. You take pictures of people having fun. You talk, you vent, you cry, you laugh. You try to be interesting, by asking people if they ever drink through their eyes. You show them how is done. And you take pictures again, a little out of focus maybe. You drink, you fall, you rise again and you trumpet your victory, to the satisfaction of an empty bottle who’s sharing the same beer puddle as yourself. You’re drunk, but happy. It is all on film. Now you don’t have to worry that on Monday, when people will ask “How was the party?”, you only be able to say “Well, the food was good…”