30 hours after D90

I have read everything, the manual, the instructions, including the Dangers Section. I was very careful not to punch my eye when adjusting the ocular and I have taken a few pictures, just to check how some settings are working. I even made a short video. Overall, this camera it is much more than I actually know how to use for now, which makes it an awsome thing to discover in the future.

I still have to try this camera in the daylight, thing that here is quite difficult to do because we have around 8 hours of it for now, exactly when we are at work. And in those 8 hours, it feels like in the evening, if the sky is not clear. The sun is very close to the horizon, even at noon. But, the weekend is comming…


Beside the 18-105mm that came with the camera, I also need new things like an air blower to clean the lenses, a UV filter to avoid cleaning the lenses as much as possible, a polarized filter because I am a n00b and soon it is going to be winter, a flash for the long nights around here and a difuser for it, just in case, a big memory card for the pictures, a second battery + car charger, a tripod to compensate for the low light conditions and in the future, maybe a 50mm 1.4G for cool portraits. And of course others which are not a priority.

I have a bag, this little thingie called Kata Sling 123GO10 which is very handy and easy to carry and access.


Since money and me are two entities that rarely meet, I will try to make the camera pay for itself, so I am kinda thinking of selling stock photos, in case anyone will want to buy them. I will start to do this in Sweden for now.