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  • The Normal Extraordinary Individual

    We all like to have heroes. Heroes make us better, they give us something to aim for. And we all know that all heroes come with great life stories. But, like all heroic life stories, they fail to mention the bad deeds, those little things that make our heroes real people, normal people. I personally prefer to […]

  • On the way to create my way

    On the way to create my way

    I know I like photography so very much that I kind of made a little obsession about it. Not big enough to interfere with my current job, because yes, I have one and it is great, but big enough to make me seriously thinking about becoming a “real” professional. I have noticed that beside nature, I like taking photos […]

  • The search for my inner voice

    The search for my inner voice

    I was wondering recently why did I stop blogging about my passion an I realized that is something inside me that screams – “You have to learn to create stories first!”. The truth is that I still don’t know to how to make my images tell a story. I have thought a lot lately about […]

  • A Midsummer Dream

    A Midsummer Dream

    I’ve heard people talking about their bad past life experiences with a sense of loss, like there is nothing left to do, since you cannot alter the past. Something happened and “I feel damaged“, thus, unable to recover completely ever. It is strange how this things works because I never heard anyone saying “I was so happy, I will never be able […]

  • Altered Photography: A matter of taste

    Altered Photography: A matter of taste

    Digital photography is great not only because anyone can become a photographer, if she or he has a bit of talent, but also because it makes damn easy for almost anyone with editing skills to alter the state of that image. It is all bunch of pixels that can be recolored, moved, changed, transformed or […]

  • The ethics of cropping

    The ethics of cropping

    I have submited recently a differently cropped version of this photo to 1x.com, convinced that this time I might have a chance. Obviously, I was wrong. I am not there yet, and to quote Laura “2 years babe, 2 years!“. I only have like 7 months of cumulative DSLR activity, which is leaving me another 17 months […]

  • The cliché tree

    The cliché tree

    There is a category of pictures that are so… cliché. This is one of them – The Lonely Tree – representing some genetically inscribed image in our brains, since the beginning of… mostly since the beginning of Christianity?! The tree, the apple, the women and the pissed off God… Some may argue that in fact this image represents the triumph of life against all odds and has […]

  • The Story is behind

    The Story is behind

    The above picture was taken close to our place of work. After lunch, we always go to take a walk somewhere in the nature around us, because we have plenty of it. This nice “building” is close to the road, so we stopped to take a short picture. While doing this, we found out from an informative […]

  • The Creepy Warehouse

    The Creepy Warehouse

    These are just a part of the pictures. I have reserved some special gallery place for the rest of the story – Click here Almost every day, during the lunch break, I go outside, alone or with Laura, to walk and take some pictures. Every time I go out, there is something new. For example, a few days […]

  • Leveling Up in Photography

    Leveling Up in Photography

    I’ve been reading a lot of books and personal experiences of many photographers around the world. I am also exchanging a lot of information with my friend Barbu, whom I consider to be my “master” in this vast domain of photography. Listening all these opinion, I must admit that it is a little bit scary. […]

  • Life on 35mm

    Life on 35mm

    I had a plan. And that plan was to get a camera. That took me a few years to get the Nikon D90 and despite my pessimism, I even got a lens for it, the Nikon 18-105mm f4.5-5.6. I didn’t honestly thought that I will get more than just the body in the beginning. Of course, I […]

  • Just Sweden Part 2: The Winter Land

    Just Sweden Part 2: The Winter Land

    Unfortunately, this year the Swedish Winter was really weird and warm. There was not much sentiment in it. As a result, I am still waiting for some opportunities to get some pretty images of the The Winter Land. You can check up these images as a work in progress album, which I hope I am going to […]

  • A Sun Pillar

    A Sun Pillar

    As usual, today we went to work by car. I actually asked myself if I should carry my photo camera at work again, since there was nothing special happening anyway. Like every morning for the last 2 weeks, we were very happy about the beautiful  sunrise that was about to become visible from behind the clouds. As […]

  • The Colorful Italy

    The Colorful Italy

    We lived in Italy for a while… twice. First in Toscana, near the sea, and the second time, in north, near Milan. We had all kind of experiences, some good, some… not so good. But we’ve met some really nice people and we’ve seen some really nice places. Oh, and we ate a lot of […]

  • New portfolios to come

    New portfolios to come

    Since I have launched this pretty website, I have realized that I really need more content. I have a bunch of pictures from the past that are around here somewhere, let’s say, poorly organized. As a result, since Romania and Italy are definitely not covered, I will try to rewind and resurrect my old pictures collection. Of course, most […]

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