What is a Swedish Summer?!

I have referred a lot the Swedish Summer concept here and there. It took us almost 3 years to understand what it is in fact and why it gets us so illogically excited. Simple said, it is one of the best thing around here because it doesn’t happen very often. It can take any period of… Continue reading What is a Swedish Summer?!

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A day on a pilgrim’s path

Lasse i Berget grotta - supposedly they were practising witchcraft in here.

There are many pilgrim’s paths out there and probably most of you heard about the great Camino Frances, in Spain, which was the subject for “The Way” movie. Camino Frances has aprox. 800 km of walking from France, over the French Pyrenees, through the north of Spain and finishing in the city of Santiago de Compostela.… Continue reading A day on a pilgrim’s path

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Ben-Joe & the Shipwreckers Night

Yesterday we got lucky. A quick sudden invitation from our friends in Skövde and we found ourselves at Mike’s Pub where, surprise, there was a Ben-Joe & the Shipwreckers Night! We have tried to see these guys like three times before and we never managed due to all kind of factors. But finally, yesterday, we have been… Continue reading Ben-Joe & the Shipwreckers Night

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I went out again…

This time I was prepared, meaning that I had my fishing pole with me as well, thus I was more inclined to wait thorough the day for those perfect moments. And I think I got a few… moments I mean. I caught no fish, although I saw a few monsters breaking the crystal surface of… Continue reading I went out again…

Gone, gone fishing…

I love fishing. It is an activity that heals. Fresh air, the sound of water, the birds, the insects the, smells, they all just make me forget about everything. The act of actually catching a fish… It is not that important. And that is why sometimes I lose myself completely in the process of not fishing,… Continue reading Gone, gone fishing…

Stockholm – A trip in April

At the beginning of this month we went into a city-scape in Stockholm. It was a refreshing trip that convinced us that even if Stockholm is probably the most beautiful and clean city in Europe, we still prefer the countryside.

X20, Second Impressions

A morning walk in the park

Awesome!!! I would really like to be able to say more than this, but I am way too enthusiastic right now. I am having too much fun!    

X20 vs D90 vs D7100

Nikon D7100, ISO200, f/8.0, 1/80

Ok, so, to be very clear, Fujifilm X20 is a camera from a totally different class than a DSLR. I mean yes, you can do great photography with it, but not  really at a semi or “professional” level. The technical requirements are not met. X20 sensor is tiny by comparison with an APS-C (not to… Continue reading X20 vs D90 vs D7100

Always with a camera

Fireman march in Sf. Gheorghe, Romania

I was just reading that Henri-Cartier Bresson was having his Leica with him all the time. I wonder if that was actually bringing him more photos… Without being aware of this habit of his, I have done pretty much the same for the last 2.4 years. It started with me getting my first DSLR ever,… Continue reading Always with a camera

A bit of a winter

Snow Storm in central Sweden

Until now, this winter was quite disappointing. I know there are a lot of “tips” on the Internet about “What to photograph in the winter?” , but what to do when the winter is like a late November, only with looong Swedish nights, cloudy days and 2 hours of light per day is not really… Continue reading A bit of a winter

The Normal Extraordinary Individual

We all like to have heroes. Heroes make us better, they give us something to aim for. And we all know that all heroes come with great life stories. But, like all heroic life stories, they fail to mention the bad deeds, those little things that make our heroes real people, normal people.

I personally prefer to follow heroes that are not heroes. Heroes that live around us, with their entire experience and emotional baggage  They tend to be much more complex, much harder to understand and much more interesting. Making personal heroes out of these people means that you have to make compromises, to understand and accept their dark side and its paradoxical beneficial influence onto the uniqueness of their talent and personality.


Black Angel Tony

Such a person is this newly surfaced Romanian photographer, Viorel Popescu. You can read a part of his story on MyModernmet.comHis talent is obvious. It is not something that goes unnoticed. It stands out and it sticks. I am sure though that, even if his story as published my give the wrong impression, Viorel is quite an educated man. You can see that in the way he writes, in the way he comments his pictures. He is intelligent, elusive, profound. Which makes him the right person for me to follow as talent. Makes him the perfectly normal extraordinary individual which I hope to become in terms of my passion, the photography… since that is what I am talking about.

So, check him out on his Facebook account or Flickr account. You will not regret it.